Dr. GundersonGreetings prospective learners, 

Welcome to Georgetown University’s online Executive Master’s degree in Clinical Quality, Safety and Leadership!

In collaboration with MedStar Health, the Executive Master’s degree will unleash a systematic, evidence-based education that will achieve striking results in safety, quality, leadership and healthcare value.  Americans should be served by a healthcare system that consistently delivers reliable performance and constantly improves, systematically and seamlessly, with each care experience and transition.

Patient safety, quality outcomes and medical liability are key challenges health systems and health professionals are facing today. The newly created Executive Master's CQSL degree program will successfully address a deep need for transformational patient safety and quality improvement education.  With a learner-focused environment at Georgetown and a strong collaboration with MedStar Health, the Executive Master's CQSL program will equip learners to become leaders in the advancement of safety science and quality healthcare.

It is our hope that as a learner in this online program, you will become an effective leader and an advocate for patient safety and quality at your institution. I look forward to engaging with you in the new program.


Dr. Anne Gunderson