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A chart showing first post-graduation outcomes for Executive Master’s in Clinical Quality, Safety & Leadership alumni based on 2019-2021 surveys. Of 18 outcomes, 94% are employed and 6% are looking for opportunities.

Alumni Stories & Experiences

Jarral headshot

Umair Jarral, MD, EM-CQSL; Executive Master’s Fall ’21 Graduate

“Prior to graduating with a master’s degree from Georgetown, I had had many setbacks in my professional career. This program gave me back the confidence that I had lost along the way.”

Sandra Kaus, EM-CQSL; Executive Master’s Spring ’21 Graduate

“I now have a better appreciation for the inner workings of the medical industry. This program definitely prepares you to incorporate all aspects of practicing medicine when determining the best course of patient quality and safety.”

Steven Coffee

Steven L. Coffee, Lt Col, USAF, EM-CQSL; Executive Master’s Fall ’20 Graduate

“One of the greatest strengths of this program rest in the physicians, and professors, the professors display an amazing mix of theory and real world practice to provide a comprehensive and fresh approach to understanding the importance of Clinical Quality, Safety, and Leadership.”

Muhammed Choudhry headshot

Muhammad Umer Choudhry, MD, CCPM, EM-CQSL; Executive Master’s Fall ’19 Graduate

“This program gave me the opportunity to learn the best industry tools and prepared me well in the patient-safety field to take bold and confident steps to help, support, and change the system to provide safer and high quality care to the patients.”

Kondal Reddy headshot

Kondal Reddy, MS-CLTR, CCRC, ND-PASQ, MBBS; Patient Safety & Quality Certificate, Summer ’20 Graduate

“I would highly recommend this program to anyone, not only because of the course content but the interactive and responsive nature of the faculty.”

Aaron Joffe

Aaron M. Joffe, DO, EM-CQSL, FCCM; Executive Master’s Spring ’20 Graduate

“[The EMCQSL program] gave me a greater perspective on system-wide quality and how it should be approached, insight and practice in change management”

Mary Herold

Mary Herold, EM-CQSL, BSN; Executive Master’s Spring ’19 Graduate

“My advice is to take this time as an authentic learning experience from the faculty and your classmates.”