Executive Certificate in Healthcare Safety & Leadership

3 Courses

12 Credits

All courses are online.

What You’ll Learn

The future of leadership is limitless. The leader of tomorrow has the opportunity to make it safe to stretch the boundaries of traditional thinking and acting. To do this, the leadership must not only be comfortable with the demands of a complex world, but also be willing to embrace the future and its potential challenges and opportunities.

Application Process

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Core Courses Descriptions

4 credits | Fall or Spring Semester
Prerequisites: N/A

This course will focus on the historical concepts and current quality care and patient safety issues. Through this course learners will be introduced to relevant theory, content, tools, and methods as they relate to patient safety and health care quality. In fact, the learner will begin exploring basic principles of human factors engineering, high reliability, and error science to gain a better understanding into the causes of errors.

4 credits | Fall or Spring Semester
Prerequisites: N/A

Leading national patient safety experts and patient advocates will introduce learners to relevant theory, content, tools and methods in the field of patient safety. Learners will be introduced to patient safety problems and high- risk contexts for error occurrence and will become fluent with shared decision making and the role of patient advocates. Effective methods for error disclosure will be introduced. Learners will develop skills to be able to conduct a patient safety risk assessment using a principles of safe system design, all within the context of a just culture. The course readings, presentations, hand-on exercises and discussions are designed to develop learners as they become the next leaders in the field of patient safety.

4 credits | Fall or Spring Semester
Prerequisites: N/A

This course introduces learners to organization theory, culture, and leadership specifically related to the health care system in the current safety and quality environment. Historical and contemporary leadership theories will be explored and applied. Exercises and discussions will engage learners in critical and creative thinking about current and potential challenges in healthcare, and the impact that leadership has on the creation of a just culture. Learners will delve into ethics and values, negative behaviors, passion, and role reward and recognition play. Upon completion of this course, learners will be prepared to incorporate the values of effective leadership methods into their personal leadership plan specific to safety and quality management.

Course Schedule

Course Name Credit(s) Semester
CQSL 501: Introduction to Safety Science and Quality 4 Fall or Spring
CQSL 502: Safety Science, Risk and Mitigation 4 Fall or Spring
CQSL 504: Effective Leadership in Healthcare 4 Fall or Spring